Learning in Pictures

Learning in pictures is the most easy way to forget your usually shopping list.

This easy method explains the learning in pictures. After you learned this method, you do not need anymore any notice to memory what you want to shop. It´s in your mind and you will not forget any of items to shop until you want to memory a new shopping list.

Here is how it works:

First step: create your shopping list. Lets say, you like to buy the following goods:

chocolate chips
an onion
a carrot

Second step is to memorize a picture of a funny scene.

Simply create a story where you attach these goods on your body.
An example can be:

Mind, you´re standing in front of your house on a water crate. You can feel the bottles under your feet. While you´re standing there, you have a carrot in your nose and some onion-rings on your ear. Looks nice! Also you are balancing a bowl filled with pudding on your head. it is garnished with chocolate chips and some bananas looking like horns.

The more funny the picture is the more better it will be memorize.

And you will see, you will keep in mind this shopping list over a week or more until the time, you create a new memory.

And now, enjoy the your new shopping experience without a shopping list.

The new way of learning to be free