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New German NGO helps against corruption in poorest countries

Please mind a new article of the german online zeitung about a new NGO that helps youth to become a better school education. They’re fighting against corruption to get a better education, especially in Nepal, where the citizens live with less than 2 US$ each day.

Factors of corruption

This website deals with the issue of corruption and their consequences. The initiative gathers important issues and helps establish a valid and sustainable anti-corruption trial.
You have the ability to join in this initiative and contribute your suggestions for combating corruption.

To do this, please comment on this article using your email address and your suggestions. The collection of your information will be summarized on this page to share with other people, governments and organizations.

How important it is to fight corruption, as an example, is to watch the most successful nations on Earth. The successful ones have this problem under control and go hard with it. Economic success and sustainable growth, satisfied citizens are just some of the success factors that lead to a better life.

Let us find the most important factors that can make our world a little better and get involved.

Yours,Chi Miaho


The ani-corruption process will be followed by the members of the anti-corruption community to follow our freedom in a save and wealthful future for all citizens and mankind.

We are proud to support a community of all ages following this way.

We want to learn and we want to be the best in the world to make our country proud because we are their citizens.

We want to work with our minds, with our hands, with our hearts to produce the best and not the most cheapest products in the world. Quality matters.

We want to be the best and richest people in the world.

We want to be free.