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Freedom in Taiwan

The year 2010 draws a dark picture of the way, how people handle business relations. A Freedom way looks to be the most popular way to live and work together. Corruption is the way to inhibit freedom.

Transparancy is the right way to look behind the scenes to enforce the setup of new, clear structures to prevent corruption.

The reconstruction process of the hole country needed to be establish by the government and is a tough way while it runs. Clear goals needed to be defined to get the confirmation to set them up. And controlling instances need to control the hole change management process while it runs and to confirm reached milestones.

If this will be followed, the goal to become a corruption free government is reachable in a decade.

While the process runs, it´s necessary to prevent the change management managers to become corrupt itself to define processes not that effective as they should be. Lobbyism needed to be inhibit. This can be done to define all discussions to be official and logged.

The logs will be published in the internet, also containing the real names of the persons join the discussion process. It is important to notice the real names.